Just What the DRx Ordered

Emergency Medical Alert Feature

Medical Photo Medical Record Rx provides all INFO CARE DR patients with a free download of our electronic medical alert form. In doing so, this will be the first page of your medical record that has been digitally scanned onto an eHr Card.

The eMedical alert form is our way of helping you make your medical information accessible for emergency medical personnel to access in the event of a health crisis here or abroad.

HR Card Medical Record Rx offers all INFO CARE DR patients the opportunity to purchase additional eHR Cards that contain this potentially life saving electronic medical alert feature for other loved ones.

They only cost $11.95 plus tax for an additional card and we are able to discount that to $ 9.95 plus tax per card if you order three or more and will be shipped at no additional cost when added to your order request. Having this simple diagnostic device in your wallet will provide emergency medical staff with necessary information to possibly save your life or that of someone you love.