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Frequently Asked Questions

Receptionist How do you guarantee the security of my records?
For more than 17 years, Our organization has been managing medical records for hospitals, medical clinics, private practice physicians, retired doctors or doctors that have closed practice. Our highly trained staff members have more than (100) years of combined experience, are background checked, bonded and have both received and are subject to continued HIPAA Training on a regularly scheduled basis.

You can be assured that your PHI that we digitally scan, load and send you on the card is secure. You’re prepared PHI will not be sent until proper verification is confirmed by both a signed medical release from you and the proper photo identification.

How long will it take to receive my records?
It should take no more than 3 working days for us to ship once you have provided us a signed Request for Copy of Medical Records form along with a current copy of a driver’s license or picture id. (These forms can be emailed to us, faxed or sent via U.S.P.S.)

Why do you need my photo ID?
To help comply with HIPAA regulations we require both a signed request for your records and verification that the requestor is actually the person the records belong to.

Why can’t I have the original copy of my file?
The original files are the property of the doctor. You however, are entitled to copies of those records.

I don’t need everything in my file. May I just order a copy of my immunizations?
No. Our staff members are not medical experts and are not trained to decipher the various forms and reports in medical records.

May I order records for others in my family?
Unless you are ordering records for an underage child or you have been appointed by the courts as an authorized personal representative of the patient you may not order records for anyone other than yourself. You can, however, order an eHR card with a medical alert form.