Just What the DRx Ordered

Value Beyond a Copy

INFO CARE DR has provided your Physician with the best Rx when it comes to caring for their patient’s protected medical information after practice closure. Upon Request/Verification, Medical Record Rx digitally scans and transfers your entire medical record onto an eHR USB Card that fits into your wallet, shipped within three days of receiving your medical release form.

The value that this unique pass code protected eHR Card delivers is just one of the featured benefits that Medical Record Rx affords to patient by allowing them to carry their entire medical record with them at all times. Additionally they can save a back-up copy of their medical record on their personal computer and bring printed copies or just their card to their future health care providers to view on their computer systems.

HR Card

The Savings

Over the years, INFO CARE DR identified that it takes no additional effort to digitally scan your medical record rather than running off a paper-based copy. This improved process has created a more efficient delivery method by uploading files onto our eHR Card. By sending your records digitally, its minimizes the delivery costs by as much as $10 while saving paper and fuel, two very valuable natural resources.

INFO CARE DR’s high tech scanning equipment allows us to provide digital copies of both the front and backside of all documents for the price of single-sided records with one pass through our scanner. Depending on the number of two sided documents in your chart, this benefit also delivers significant savings to all our patients.

The Potentially Priceless Value of the eHR form “Free of Charge” with each medical chart copy request:

In the event of a health crisis, whether local or abroad this gives you the benefit of having your personal health information available for emergency responders.

INFO CARE DR is setting the standard and delivering both value and peace of mind through technological innovation.